Landscaping Careers with Kalibrr

Having 3.2 million job seekers in 2019, Kalibrr has solidified its position as one of the leading platforms in the Philippine HR tech landscape. To pivot from this breakthrough, we want to refine the job-seeking and recruitment experience of our users while also improving how people perceive the brand.

We wanted to understand how we’ll be able to produce work that could benefit the users of both our job and recruitment marketplace. Through the several research efforts we’ve conducted, we discovered how every platform onboarding begins where they land to log-in or sign-up. …

As part of Kalibrr Design’s annual tradition and mission to aid in advancing design and product thinking in the local design landscape, we held the 2019 edition of the World Interaction Design Day.

Designers from different backgrounds came together to the event and learned about the hard questions around the skills and domains around the design discourse. This year’s speakers Charz Mendoza of Mynt, Arts Serrano of One/Zero Design Collective, Andrea Levinge of White Widget, and Red Tani of Filipino Freethinkers and Engage Media shared fundamentals in putting Trust and Responsibility in the forefront of a designer’s process.

We were…

I’m not a cat person, but I generally find them adorable. They’re always on the lookout for the strangest things — lasers, rolling balls, empty cans, and mice that they keep on chasing. Cats keep themselves curious despite having to climb a very high wall. As they risk their nine lives for it, they get killed in the process most of the time.

When things don’t go as planned

As my mom prepared to put me to sleep with a wet towel she had readied before turning off the TV after the noontime program, a lady in a bucket hat (who apparently isn’t the one who sells Yakult) knocked at our door. Being a sprightly kid that I was, I rushed to the gate to figure who it was. It was the Census surveyor who kept asking the houses in the neighborhood how many people are there in a household.

I have always been amazed with the perky surveyors when they knocked at each door in the neighborhood but…


I’ve used Kalibrr once before when I was applying for jobs in 2016. My plan was to become a broadcast journalist, a news writer, or anything that’s related to media but whatever happened to that, the wind brought me to UX which I have been passionately pursuing lately.

My perception of design has become much more critical compared to how I was doing in 2016. From designing superficial-looking screens, crappy alignments, having bad font and color choices, ambiguous visualizations and many more, I’ve learned how important iteration is in crafting experiences and in refining your process as a designer.

The Study



Despite the availability of streaming sites like Netflix and Fox+, people still rely on torrents and mostly, when being downloaded online, there are watermarks that either have the name of the production company or unfamiliar codes like DVDSCR. Piracy has hurt the US film industry by 28.9% in average, based on a 2018 study by Zhuang Liu In 2015, Quentin Tarantino’s film The Hateful Eight had leaked online before its actual play date. On the context of Philippine cinema, Jun Lana, known for “Anino sa Likod ng Buwan” and the highly-acclaimed “Bwakaw” had called out Gawad Urian for allegedly leaking…


CampUs is a classroom management application that aims to help students and professors become focused and driven to accomplish tasks required to be done.

The app aims to provide a middle ground for educators and students to create a more conducive academic environment. The tool doesn’t seek to replace traditional practices but is a proposal to further enhance internal systems.

From a student perspective, it is hard to deliver tasks (homeworks, projects) on time because of the lack of resources, most especially schools who have few computer units available in the vicinity. …

Crayons, Kids, and People in Sunny Disposition

As a kid, you’ve probably begged your parents to buy you that 64-piece crayon pack regardless of the very much purposeful 8-pack variant at the bookstore. Manufacturers tricked us that getting that box with uncannily named pieces are better. Some even created ones that are shaped like a fish. Also, what’s a Neon Carrot?

We were then free and careless when we splash and shade on animals and food with weird colors on coloring books that made them looked like they came out of Sims. But as time went on, people have learned to be attentive as to where and…

A story from a UX beginner

I never ran out of ideas in college as I’ve always had a penchant for productivity. The mind is limitless, and leading a media organization for a year was an avenue to encourage others to realize their full potential. Opportunities to grow were sought, and I tried my best to grab those entwined with my dream of becoming a reporter. It was natural for me to strive to elevate skills that gravitate around my aspiration: film, television, and photography. As a young gun, I had everything mapped out; I was convinced I’d reach the goal I set. With persistence, I…

Riel Reyes

Product Designer at Smart Communications. Grammar on average, melodramatic, awkward—but gutsy. Previously @ Kalibrr, Truelogic.

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